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Name:Dr. Arienne Darcy
Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Arienne is a 9th generation Malkavian antitribu on the Path of Metamorphosis. She is technically/generally mistaken for an Anarch, but still. Expect horrors. She is just over 60 and usually looks like a somewhat pale and creepy woman in her late 20s.

I am also well over 18 and always ask permission before Dr. Darcy does any long-term or truly nasty damage.

Arienne's PB is Angela Bettis, along with various eldritch horrors.

Arienne is my original character, but the game she is based on is owned by White Wolf.

Dr. Arienne Darcy is a complete fabrication. You should know that first. Her name, credentials, accent, and appearance are nothing close to the truth, if that matters at all. It does not to her. Unattached to anything outside the scope of her work and the mysterious "council" she reports to, Dr. Darcy cares little for what others think of her.

The entity which existed in her place before she dragged herself up from a ditch with her Sabbat packmates is irrelevant to her present self. As she possesses an eidetic memory, Arienne could describe this now deceased human to you in intimate detail: height, weight, blood type, the crippling health issues that kept her out of college.

She could describe as well the confused, blood-mad new vampire that she was transitionally, sent as part of a wave of new flesh against the Anarchs of Los Angeles. That person, whom she briefly was, was given only enough instruction in her powers and new existence to make her useful for the fight. Fleshcrafted into an inhuman form by her masters, she bonded through blood with her Pack--then watched them die all around her when the Anarchs won. She ended up in Torpor, buried under the rubble of a collapsed building.

For a little while she entered a third transitional form--that of a bloodthirsty, disfigured monster wandering the storm drains of Los Angeles. She killed remorselessly, but only to feed or defend herself, and avoided all other beings, both human and vampire. As she did so, she began to explore the capabilities of her new state of being, both psychic and physical. She spent most of her time Obfuscated as soon as she figured the power out, relying on it heavily for her survival. She soon discovered that she could slowly reverse the Fleshcrafting that made her too monstrous to be seen, and spent several years slowly changing and refining her body.

She did not realize it, but decades had passed while she practiced her powers and sorted herself out mentally in seclusion. When she emerged, she looked completely human, but no longer remotely thought like one. Her personality had stabilized in the form best adapted to her bizarre and dangerous circumstances: she had become the ultimate pragmatic survivor, shielding herself in scientific detachment while obsessed with perfecting the "experiment" that is her continued existence.

Ten years ago she began a gradual wander North, towards the free city of San Francisco. She settled into a quiet life of study, practice and experimentation--including on some of the local humans. At first this was done solely on her victims, but as she finds money occasionally useful she has begun taking clients under the guise of an "underground plastic surgeon". What these criminal patients do not know, however, is that she cheerfully alters their minds as well as their bodies as soon as she has them on the table. This has given her a lot of useful pawns throughout the area.

Arienne has no interest in vampire society or politics. Her only regular contact with vampires is her strong connection to the Malkavian Madness Network. She files regular reports on her scientific findings with the Network, believing herself to be communicating via cranial implant with the Council responsible for initiating her "experiment". In reality, all other Malkavians will sense from her on the Net is a lot of bizarre pseudoscientific rambling. Her thoughts tend to run the same way when read.

Arienne is polite in a detached way, avoids trouble and seems at first blush to be completely rational. Anyone with knowledge of Malkavians, however, will quickly come to suspect that she is one. In certain ways she is hyperadjusted to her new state of being: instead of condemning herself as a monster and mourning her lost humanity, she has essentially said "screw all of that, I have superpowers now!" and quietly revels in the progress of her "existence experiment". She is actually a fairly powerful vampire, but is secretive about her abilities and is often mistaken for an unusually stable and angst-free Neonate. Arienne claims that her doctorate is in Transhumanism, and she is a regular presence in online transhumanist groups.

Interests (22):

biology, body modification, completely nuts, experimentation, for science, free-form shapeshifting, intelligently batshit, malkavian, mental conditioning, metamorphosis, no really she's crazy, personal evolution, physiology, psychology, self perfection, sorta anarch, technically sabbat, transhumanism, tzimisce, vicissitude, white wolf, white wolf 3rd edition
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